Every Mama Needs a Friend

I'm busy. You're busy. We're moms, it comes with the territory. But seriously, I love spending time with you! I N E E D mom friends...and so do you. It recharges us to be around other moms in the trenches, to talk about the poop we cleaned with someone else who cleaned poop. When I talk about how the hubs only wants to take 1 kid when I'd really like to leave them all for that Target run, you get it!

Thank you for getting it. Thanks for always sharing your mom stories with me and for letting me share mine. And you know what, it makes us closer! We may not be on drop-by-without-notice terms just yet, but you brought us one step closer by exchanging stories with me today ;-)

I know a little bit more about you and you about me and we laughed and we connected about more than the kids, even though that's where it started.

I encourage every mama on the playground, the indoor jump place, school drop off and pick up...to talk to your fellow mamas. We are all wandering around wondering if we should say something to each other so just DO IT!

And to all the moms who have broken the silence with me, THANK YOU! And if I've been the breaker of silence with you, I hope you needed it that day and that we parted ways with you having had some much needed adult convo.

You know what we need to get better at? Making time for mom friends. Mom dates with or without the kids. We're totally used to the crazies running around and it's so much more enjoyable with a mom friend around, right?!?

So schedule a mom date today, go ahead. Shoot a message (because we don't answer phone calls) to a mama you've been missing or even one you've been wanting to hang out with for a first time! Put it on the calendar (because we'll totally forget if we don't!) and be ready to have FUN doing nothing but chatting while the kids play.

My bestie and her kids moved out of state this past summer and let me tell you, the thing I miss the most is just sitting in one of our homes talking while all 6 of our kids (can you imagine that mess?!) played. Best.Times.Ever.

Schedule a date with a mom friend :-) Thank me later.

P.S. I'm looking for a new mom friend to replace above mentioned friend so put me on that message list please!