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Mother’s Day Interview with Ry and Linc

My oldest (5) has been talking, non-stop, about how fab my Mother’s Day is going to be! All the food her and her brother (3) are going to make, the messes they’re going to clean, the nail place, leg massages…I mean, it sounds like I’m about to be S P O I L E D! …Except that they’re 5 and 3, and I don’t expect any of that from them. Truthfully, all I really want is 20 minutes to drink my coffee and slowly wake up. That’s it. Then I’d like to spend the rest of my day relaxing and hanging out with my family.

So all of this grand Mother’s Day planning had me wondering… What do they think Mother’s Day is? What does it mean to THEM!? So I sat down in our closet area (a common hang out spot for us) and asked my 5(R) and 3(L) year old some questions…

What does Mother's day mean to you?

L: It means I love you!

R: It means I really love Mother’s Day because it's all about the mothers and it's just a special day for them. They get whatever they want and that’s it.

If you could take Mommy anywhere, where would it be?

R: I would take you to go to the massage place and to get your nails done.

L: I want to take you to Disneyland and ride all of the rides.

What are you making me for Mother's day breakfast?

L: Hmmm I think it would be hard pancakes.

R: I’ll make you hardboiled eggs with chocolate chip pancakes and some coffee.

Why do you think we celebrate moms on just one day each year?

R: Because on any other day we don't get to celebrate them because no other day is a holiday we get to celebrate. And that's why we love our moms.

L: Because it's not Mother’s day on all the year.

Why do you love your Mommy?

L: Because we give hugs and kisses

R: I love you because you’re so special to me and I love you to infinity and beyond and you take us everywhere we want. That's why I love you.

If you were a mommy, what would you want your kids to do for you?

R: I would like them to take me to the nail place and get my hair done and get a feet massage.

L: I would like to get some Easter eggs.

Why is Mommy so special to you?

R: Because you take us everywhere and we love you and you give us kisses and hugs. That's why you’re so special to us.

L: Because we.....(laughing…He’s over it!)

Should we celebrate moms all year?

R: Yes, because they’re our moms and we love them very much.

L: No…. yes. These are your legs.

Why do we celebrate moms on Mother’s day?

R: Because it's the only day they get to celebrate their selves and get breakfast in bed with hardboiled eggs and pancakes and coffee. It's amazing to be a mother!

L: Because they’re moms.

If I am the one that gets up and makes the coffee, eggs and pancakes on Mother’s Day, that is ok with me because every day is Mother’s Day with my three crazy kids.