O Say Can You Say....

O Say Can You Say…

We chose to read O Say Can You Say What’s The Weather Today for our Cat in the Hat craft but read whatever Seuss speaks to you, mama!

My 5 year old likes to do this because it’s WAY TOO EASY for her hahahaha and I like for my 3 year old to do this so that he can practice spelling his name! #Winning

We start by reading the book and then I tell them we’re going to make a Cat in the Hat… hat…All the cool mom points right HERE!!!



-Red and white paper

-Something to write with

-Paper clip to store pieces

-And the book, of course!


-Cut out the appropriate number of paper strips to spell your kids name (one letter per strip)

-Write letters on strips


-Give puzzle to kiddo and explain/show what you’d like them to do.

That’s it!

When they’re done I use a paper clip to store the pieces until they’re ready to play again.

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