The 20 year old at Target...

I won't say my age. Really. Not happening. And I'm not even fully ripe yet! Yep , like grapes...ripening on a be turned in to delicious W I N E ....So once you reach WINE, you're, like, aged to perfection !

And btw, I'm not wine yet. I'm still grapes...ripening.

But to my real point, the one I sat down while my youngest plays in the bath, to write about.

I still feel 20!

I don't feel like I've been wife-ing and mom-ing as long as I have been! My 7 year wedding anniversary is this year and my kids are 5, 3 and 1...but I still feel 20, damn it!

Until I see a R E A L 20 year old staring at me in Target... then I get a little insecure (maybe a step down from insecure because I'm pretty damn secure but...insecure-ish) that she's looking at me ...the "mom" over there. That she's dreading actually being like me with my mom hair and my mom wardrobe and my mom posse which consists of the 5, 3 and 1 year old I have in tow.

I remember looking at moms back when I was 20 and thinking how I definitely wasn't going to look like THAT. I was definitely going to do my hair and makeup because I'm not going to be a LAZY mom who DGAF (pardon)...but as it turns out...I am lazy and DGAF (not really) but who had any idea that mom-ing was going to be SO.DAMN.TIME.CONSUMING. I had no clue!

So while I absolutely LOVE getting ready and looking pretty.. I just don't have time for that EVERY DAY.

I also remember looking at moms at the pool, at the beach, and wondering if they did something wrong during pregnancy to get that mom bod(again, my 20 year old self had NO.CLUE.) Guess who tried to do "everything right" during pregnancy? Yours truly! And guess who has a mom bod?? Hi (waiving hand in air)!!

So to the 20 year old judging me with your judgy eyes (where is that from???) and looking half terrified because you don't really know if I "did something wrong " to get this fab, jiggly, mom bod or if you're destined for the same fate...Get ready buttercup! Because 30 something and the MOM SWAG is coming for you. You can't stop it. And my ripening self takes joy in that and all insecure-ish feelings go away and I smile...(can I insert the evil laugh here?!?!)