The Grocery Store Trip

Some moms wake up extra early to go grocery shopping solo. Or they save that Target trip for late at night when the mini people are sleeping and Daddy is home to house sit.

I get it. A solo store trip sounds FAB! And I've done it a few times....and I don't think it's THAT amazing. I know, you probably think I'm nuts you solo-store-trippin' mama ....but hear me out.

I'm a major extrovert, like major. I used to cry when my hub would come home from work (this was before I discovered Stroller Strides and made mom friends) because I was just so damn happy to not be alone! (Laugh away, I do when I think about it,too)

When I go to the store (any store!) with my kids, people look at me, they smile, say hi, we even have full blown conversations. And not just about the kids either, about organic vs regular produce, why I'm putting $6 bread in my shopping cart, which carne asada flavor do you like best...ALL.KINDS.OF.CONVOS!

It's like I'm at a party mixing and mingling with people (yes, I'm aware that probably means I don't get out very often.).

But when I'm not with my kids....silence. No one smiles at me or strikes up random conversations. I'm in and out of there so fast it's like I still have my whole day ahead of me(Aaaahhhh!)

It makes me sad to go the store alone. Very sad.

There’s no one asking OVER and OVER “Can we have donuts? Why don’t we get cereal? Is cereal healthy? Can we have chips? So-and-so gets chips. Why can’t you cook crab, mommy?” I could go on forever but these super annoying questions turn in to really awesome convos that I’m so happy I get to have with my little people…including why I’m not a great cook and steer clear of crab! Without all of their questions during our grocery store trips we would not have had so many deep,and fulfilling convos about crab eye balls and why Haley’s mom gives her chips …and these convos are some of my all time faves!

Basically, while some moms really enjoy their solo grocery store trip, I don't. I thrive off of the hectic mess that is me and my littles. I enjoy it.

Maybe I need more adult time out of the house, but I'd much rather take all 3 of my crazy people to the store with me anyday!

Except clothes shopping. Clothes shopping solo all.the.way. Otherwise, I have to be faster than the flash to keep everyone from seeing my lady bits!