The Three Must's for Every Mom

A few weeks ago, my husband and I went on a date with some old friends. We spent most of the evening playing catch up and reminiscing about old times, but what I thought at the moment was just friendly conversation has had the biggest impact on the type of mom I want to be.

You see, most of the time I know I have room for improvement in my parenting. I could be a little more patient, stress a little less, speak in a softer tone and let the little things go. But after this much needed conversation, I realized I was doing it all wrong.

After talking about our busy schedules and crazy toddlers at one point the well inspired advice was given. She said:

There are three things I do every day. If I don't accomplish anything else in the day, its okay, but these three things are a must:

  • I make at least one home cooked meal. Breakfast, lunch or dinner. It doesn't matter which one but I make at least one and we sit down at the table together to eat.
  • I workout every day. Whether I make it to yoga, [go to Stroller Strides!] at home with a DVD or take a few minutes to do some stretching, I make sure I do something good for my body and mind.
  • I play with my kids. I put down the phone, turn off the TV, let go of every other distraction and PLAY with my kids. Dinosaurs, trucks, fairy princess, doctor mom or anything else they want to do or play.
taryn blog.png

This was Brooklyn as I was typing this out.

Haha. So I took a 10 minute break to have a puppet show!

Now most days, I can say I do rather well at this list and often could check them all off. So why has it had such a impact on me? Because I've taken the time to reevaluate the things most important to me and how it is that I play. Now at the very top of my list is PLAY WITH MY KIDS.

Not a distracted play, not a “go play and I'll be there in a minute”, not a “lets teach all the rules and stick to them while playing candy land” I really play. On their level. With the same wild imaginations they have and most importantly without all the rules and proper etiquette. (Trust me they're still plenty of that too.)

Our worlds are busy, our toddlers are crazy and we have a lot on our plate. But I encourage each of you to take a minute and think about the 3 most important things on your list. What are the things that you NEED to do everyday? Some of us have a couple more items and maybe for others there are less. Either way, opportunities to make us better mothers, wives and friends are so important.

So don’t be hard on yourselves today, You are amazing and we are all learning and growing. The best part is, tomorrow’s a new day!