What a Family Hike Can Do

Weekends - we all have them, even when we don't really notice the difference between our Wednesdays or Sundays when sleeping in or getting a full nights rest is nonexistent! For us, a simple weekend involves a little too much TV, random organizing, a few loads of laundry, and eating or throwing out all the week's leftovers. Last weekend after we did some house chores and laundry, we made a plan to (hopefully) accomplish three things: take the kids to the park, get dinner, and go to the store. My mind and body did not want to do any of the above (I really wanted to take advantage of a Sunday nap, while my husband did all the fun Dad things he gets too busy in the week to do)! With bitterness and mom-attitude, I picked myself up, grabbed some shades and flip-flops and headed out on one of the first warm, sunny days this year.

The sun was shining a little too warm in the lit spots, yet it was nice enough with a January breeze to tolerate playing frisbee, soccer, and watching my kids befriend their park community. After about 45 minutes, I suddenly started getting anxious thinking about all the things we still had to do at home, including getting the kids ready for the busy school week ahead. I rushed us to the car and we did a quick burger and fries 4:30 dinner, so we could go to the store before dark with full bellies and little drama. However, instead of pulling into the complex to complete our Sunday mission, my husband decided to drive past our next stop for a last minute hike at a local canyon. My eyes could NOT stop rolling up inside my forehead: it's almost dark, I'm cold, need to shower the kids, and we still have no food for the week! I'll just wait in the car, I thought...

As we arrived to the freshly grown green fields, I stared in awe: how could I be so bitter about how we spend our time together? Time that we seem to be too busy or stressed or worried about during the weekdays. Embarrassingly, what is really the "stuff" I find myself busy with? Washing the dishes or laundry? Sending an email? Answering a text message? Scrolling through my social media feeds....

Do yourself a favor: set down those distractions and tell them - and yourself - to take a hike! Though you might be inconvenienced by delaying your mission, but how can we really be upset or annoyed by time with my family? Seeing their eyes lifted to the beauty around them, hearing their jubilant shouts of joy and wonder, and, most importantly, making the temporary moments memorable.

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