Who's Taking Care of YOU, Mama???

February is approaching which means we’ll, once again, be running around doing EVERYTHING for EVERYONE for this flippin’ holiday about love( why did that need to be a thing?? I’m sure someone knows the origins but really? C’mon!). We shop for and put together the class room treats, the V-Day cards, the special little gifts for the kids, gotta make the hub feel special, too= more running around.

It’s a never ending cycle of moms adding more to their plates than we actually need to. Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy the running around and the end product of said craziness. It really is fun! But it’s also sooooo exhausting… Who finishes all of that and says “Yep, I’m ready to party!” ???? Not me! It’s more like, “And now I need a break.”

How do we get that break though? We are the care takers, the organizers, the planners of all things in the world. I’ve got you, mama!

Call Grandma!

Yep, call her! An overnight at grandma’s house can do wonders for the soul! It took having my third child go through a 2 month sleep regression before I finally let the kids stay overnight at my mom’s. I was dying from the lack of sleep and so was the hub (we took turns putting her back to sleep because it was THAT BAD!) We’ve done several overnights since then ( just for fun!) and it’s been GLORIOUS!!

If baby is still super small and doesn’t take a bottle (none of mine ever did) then do a grandma drop off for just an hour! Go hit that Target SOLO! Grocery shop without having to rush through before that babe gets antsy in the cart. Go get a pedi. Whatever you want to do in that hour, DO IT!

Turn on the music!

This can be so therapeutic. When was the last time you turned the music up super loud, danced around and just let loose??? I forget about the music all the time; my daughter asks for it (thank God!) pretty often and it always feels SO GOOD! I don’t even mind the kids being around for this one (sort of lol). It turns in to a big dance party and leaves everyone feeling fab and happy. Happy. I’ll take it! We have the Amazon Fire stick in our living room and so I go to our Prime music and pick our fave playlists and we jam as a fam! The hubby gets in on this, too. Therapy for the whole clan (totally winning!!).

Get Outside!

Totally a bummer with the crappy weather lately BUT what is the cold really going to harm? Bundle up and take those kids for a walk or run! Throw them in the stroller and just get moving. The hardest part will be getting everyone out the door but I promise it’ll be worth it. And I am all for letting the kids run with me outside of the stroller on most days but they know that I get MY run/walk in first. The first mile or 2 are mamas, the rest are yours little people. Get your body moving, get your heart rate up, think and look around, clear your head. And when you’re done, set them free at the park or to run ahead on a long stretch. Just remember, the first mile or 2 are for YOU!!

Bed time

Everyone has their own schedules, one of my must haves on ours is an early bed time for the kids. My youngest goes down at 6:30/7pm and the older 2 go down at 7:30. That leaves ME plenty of time to grab a glass of wine, have uninterrupted convos with my hub(it’s not ALONE time but time solo with my man is a total recharge for me) and tidy up the house so it can be destroyed the next day. That early bed time for my minis lets me have some great time with the hub and it also ensures that I can do everything I want to without them and still get to sleep myself at a decent hour. A good night’s sleep will do WONDERS for your mental health, mama!

It’s so hard to remember to take the time to take care of ourselves but I need you to understand this:

Taking care of yourself is part of taking care of your kids.

What are you going to do for YOU today????